Brevia Energy, a dedicated division of Brevia Consulting, has a longstanding reputation for its expertise and experience in the UK energy sector. We advise energy businesses of all sizes from innovative start-ups to global corporations.

Our team reflects the breadth and complexity of the sector with experience in renewable and low-carbon energy, nuclear energy, nuclear reprocessing, oil and gas, waste management, distributed energy, energy efficiency, cleantech, energy distribution and smart grids, and energy retail. Our global network of partners allows us to have a truly international perspective on energy policy developments.

The first Conservative Government in over 20 years was elected in May 2015 and is implementing major reforms in the UK’s energy infrastructure through the Energy Act 2013. In particular, the UK is committed to increasing the share of renewable sources, and promoting energy security in the EU and internationally. Nevertheless, there is increasing pressure on politicians to intervene to reduce consumer energy bills, whilst delivering efficient, low-carbon energy. Although the need for a long-term policy framework that would give companies the confidence to invest is widely recognised, the energy industry will continue to be plagued by political and security risks for the foreseeable future.

Our consultants understand these risks and advise clients on implications of key policy developments. We support our clients in actively engaging with policy makers and in making the case for a stable and supportive regulatory environment.

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