Five Notable Developments in Nuclear this Week 20.04.18

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1. Lorraine Baldry OBE was announced as the new Chair of Sellafield LTD.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority announced Lorraine Baldry OBE, currently Chair of the Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Council, will become the new Chair of Sellafield, effective 1 May.

(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, News, 20 April 2018, link)

2.  Richard Harrington, Minister for Business and Industry, gave notice of Beis’ intention to seek an advance from the contingencies fund to provide financial cover for the office for nuclear regulation.

In his written statement, the Minister noted the cash advance was ‘to ensure the UK can have a domestic nuclear safeguards regime that meets international nuclear safeguard standards in place from day one of exit.’

(Richard Harrington, Written Statement HCWS617, 16 April 2018, link)

3. The Nuclear Decommissioning authority updated its organisation chart.

The chart shows senior positions and names, along with the structure of the NDA.

(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Transparency Data, 19 April 2018, link)

4. Sellafield is investing £2.6 MILLION to create a cumbria business hub.

The £2.6 million will go towards a £4.1 million development hosting tech, digital, media and creative start-ups.

(Sellafield Ltd, News, 19 April 2018, link)

5. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority produced a report assessing the different options for its approach to research and development associated with robotics and artificial intelligence technology.

The report assessed the ways approaches to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence could be used to make nuclear decommissioning faster, cheaper and safer, with less environmental impact.

(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Corporate Report, 19 April 2018, link)



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