A clear, three-step process for delivering results: Intelligence, Strategy and Engagement.

Brevia offers a full range of public relations and public affairs services to support the communication needs of our clients.  Through accurate political and media intelligence, we can develop the right strategies to pursue and ensure effective engagement with stakeholders.


Accurate and timely political and media intelligence is critical to understanding the environment in which our clients operate.  A comprehensive, daily monitoring service provides an essential foundation in our suite of intelligence services that include stakeholder and policy research, political due diligence, opinion polling, and B2G market intelligence.

Brevia provides ongoing political intelligence on the key policy developments and stakeholder changes that impact on our clients.

Brevia’s team of policy experts provides accurate and relevant political monitoring to our clients.


Brevia researches political stakeholders to understand their interests, stances on policy and influence on the policy making process.

Brevia’s policy experts deliver detailed research and analysis to investors so that they understand regulatory and political threats and opportunities.


Brevia undertakes detailed research into micro and macro policy issues. Our analysis is provided in a clear, concise, and understandable form to permit more informed decision making.

Brevia works with Savanta ComRes to undertake opinion polls of stakeholders to examine policy issues and brand reputation. Our consultants can assist in question development, data analysis and its utilisation.

Brevia delivers comprehensive research on B2G markets  including identifying the key policy drivers, decision-makers and business opportunities at central and local government level.

Brevia delivers comprehensive and accurate media monitoring across print, social, broadcast, and online.


The strategic counsel delivered by our experienced team of consultants enables organisations to develop tailored messaging and target the right stakeholders.  Our support includes stakeholder mapping, media strategy, drafting consultation responses, political risk analysis, B2G opportunity analysis, horizon scanning, and public affairs training to support in-house teams.

Brevia has extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to clients on the development, management, and application of their public affairs programmes.

Brevia has extensive experience in media campaigning and works with clients to deliver their messages to the media more effectively.  We also offer bespoke media training for clients.

Brevia undertakes comprehensive analysis of political stakeholders and ranks them according to their policy or client relevance.


Brevia consultants are experienced at drafting consultation responses and liaising with clients to manage the editing process to ensure deadlines are met.

Consultants at Brevia can prepare a month by month Forward Planner tailored to the client’s policy interests and goals.  The Planner includes key policy developments including announcements and consultation exercises plus events of importance.

Brevia works with clients to identify and map political risks. A Risk Register is created that ranks each risk with recommendations on mitigation actions.  The Register is updated regularly as new risks emerge and mitigation progressed.

Brevia can rank B2G opportunities using extensive data sets on public sector spending. We also research competitor activity and analyse sentiment towards private sector procurement.

Brevia excels at coaching clients in all aspects of public affairs, from dealing with politicians and the media to speech-writing and delivering presentations.

Brevia delivers media training that is designed to give clients confidence in their interaction with press, online and broadcast journalists.



With the right strategy in place, businesses and charities have a wealth of opportunities to engage with stakeholders to shape the political and media environment in which they operate. Brevia delivers comprehensive engagement programmes through a wide variety of channels including one-to-one meetings, private events, party conferences, social media, and select committee inquiries.

Brevia organises comprehensive stakeholder engagement programmes to ensure stakeholders understand our clients and their policy issues.


Brevia provides a structured and detailed training programme to prepare clients to give oral evidence at select committee hearings.


Events can play a crucial role in raising policy issues and targeting stakeholders. We are experienced at delivering a range of events from small private dinners to large drink receptions.

The Consultancy supports clients who need to outsource their day-to-day organisational management including drafting agendas, managing diaries and taking meeting notes.  Brevia is also experienced at providing secretariat support to All Party Groups in the UK Parliament and groups in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly.  

Brevia supports clients at conferences to maximise their awareness and engagement with political stakeholders. This includes the political party conference season as well as trade events.

Brevia devises corporate responsibility programmes aimed at enhancing client reputations while reinforcing campaign and company messages.

Brevia develops stakeholder engagement programmes focused on specific business opportunities in the public sector.

Additional Specialisms

Straightforward political and communications support.

Whether you’re interested in just one or a combination of our services, we are here to help you and your organisation navigate the ever-changing political and media landscape.

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