Media Training


Media training delivered by Brevia Consulting is designed to give clients confidence in their interaction with press, online and broadcast journalists.

Our consultants have trained hundreds of people from both the corporate and public sector, equipping them with the skills they need to build and defend the reputations of the organisations they represent.

Training is led by our senior consultant Peter Morgan, who spent twenty years as a correspondent for the BBC before becoming Director of Communications for BT and then Rolls-Royce plc. 

Our courses include an analysis of how the operations of news organisations work and how journalists operate. We aim to equip trainees with the techniques and understanding required to transact business with the press effectively and professionally.

Brevia uses video playback to analyse interview technique and to build confidence. This is then followed by individual feedback for each candidate trained and, once the course is complete, we remain on call to offer advice on specific media interactions.

Courses can be designed for individuals or for groups of up to four. We deliver training over one or two half-day sessions. Our consultants have trained highly experienced Chief Executives and Board members who want to rehearse critical announcements in a safe environment, as well as executives and spokespeople who have never previously encountered the press.

Our deep industry experience convinces us that, over time, companies and organisations get the press they deserve. Our training is built upon the firm belief that the media represents more of an opportunity than a threat.

If you are seeking media training support, please contact us at and we would be happy to arrange a no-obligation initial meeting to discuss your requirements.


Straightforward political and communications support.

Whether you’re interested in just one or a combination of our services, we are here to help you and your organisation navigate the ever-changing political and media landscape, and deliver results.

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