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Brevia Energy is the leading UK public affairs and PR agency supporting the UK energy sector.  Our expertise and experience in the sector is demonstrated by our long track record in supporting energy businesses of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to FTSE 100 companies. 

Our team reflects the breadth and complexity of the energy sector with extensive experience in exploration and refining, generation, transmission, distribution, supply and decommissioning. Our global network of partners allows us to have a truly international perspective on energy policy developments.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the world, not least the world of energy. Increasingly the UK government, and other governments, talk of energy independence.  This has placed new emphasis on finding sources of power and heat that do not rely on Russia for input fuels.  It has put new momentum behind low carbon technologies and opened the door to a fresh look at the UK’s hydrocarbon resources.

As the British economy attempts to shield itself from inflationary pressures, arising from the cost of international fossil fuels and the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK energy sector has a key role to play.  As the UK looks to address the challenges caused by the fraying of the post-Cold War international order, energy sector participants must translate the language of net zero and building back greener into the benefits of energy independence and future security for the British people.  Our consultants understand this.  Not only do we have established networks across the policy landscape, we also know how to shape your messages to make them effective.  




What is the NHS Vaccination Strategy?

On 13 December 2023, NHS England announced an updated Vaccination Strategy following calls from pharmaceutical companies and trade bodies for a national Vaccination Strategy to tackle issues of accessibility, misinformation, and distrust around vaccination.

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What are the implications of the UK’s Civil Nuclear Roadmap for industry?

The UK Government’s target of deploying 24GW of nuclear generation capacity by 2050 confirms the key role it sees nuclear playing in the UK’s net zero transition. However, it is nearly 30 years since the most recent plant, Sizewell B, came online and Hinkley Point C will not be generating electricity until at least 2029. A significant step change is required.

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What happened in this week’s by-elections?

This week’s by-elections in Kingswood and Wellingborough have delivered blows to the Conservative Party, with Labour securing victories in both constituencies. The outcomes mark the end of another tumultuous week in British politics as voters went to the polls to fill the vacancies left by former Conservative MPs Chris Skidmore and Peter Bone.

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A track record in delivering results

Brevia delivers tailored support to organisations operating in the energy sector. Our three-step process offers a straightforward approach to delivering crucial intelligence, strategic advice and stakeholder engagement.

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