Select Committee Training


Appearing before a Select Committee can be a daunting prospect. As well as having an impact on policy development and public debate, Select Committees can damage the reputation of a witness and the organisation that they represent.

The key to a successful committee experience is preparation. Brevia works methodically with clients to prepare them to give oral evidence with confidence.  Our support focuses on ensuring that key messages are delivered at hearings through detailed preparation, mock sessions, on the day analysis and post-hearing support.  

Our training team includes former Select Committee members, experienced witnesses and policy-specialist consultants. We provide Committee support over five stages:

  • Stage One: Detailed preparatory work
  • Stage Two: Mock select committee evidence session
  • Stage Three: Post-session Q&A
  • Stage Four: Oral evidence monitoring and analysis
  • Stage Five: Further activity recommendations, transcript review and committee correspondence


Straightforward political and communications support.

Whether you’re interested in just one or a combination of our services, we are here to help you and your organisation navigate the ever-changing political and media landscape, and deliver results.

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