Five Notable Developments in Nuclear this Week 29.06.18

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1. The Government announced a sector deal for the nuclear industry.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, said fresh funding for research and development and skills development would ensure the UK remains a ‘world leader’ in civil nuclear technologies. A total of £200 million of funding includes £44 million for research and development for new reactors and £86 million to support the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Science Centre.

(The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, 27 June 2018, link)

2. The Nuclear Safeguards Bill Received royal assent.

On Tuesday 26 June the Nuclear Safeguards Bill 2018 became an Act of Parliament. The Bill provides the necessary powers to establish a domestic nuclear safeguards regime once Euratom arrangements cease to apply in the UK.

(Parliament, Nuclear Safeguards Act 2018, 26 June 2018, link)

3. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority signed a decommissioning agreement with its French counterpart.

The roadmaps of collaboration will establish how the NDA will work with EDF SA and Orano to identify projects where they can share expertise and reduce the cost of decommissioning the civil nuclear legacy in the UK and France.

(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, News Story, 28 June 2018, link)

4. Sellafield LTD launched a trade mission to grow its local supply chain.

The company is taking its major contractors on a road trip around the country to build links with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The aim is to get more local SMEs involved in Sellafield’s £2 billion a year decommissioning programme.

(Sellafield Ltd, News Story, 27 June 2018, link)

5. Registration opened for Europe’s largest nuclear decommissioning supply chain event.

The annual event, organised by the Nuclear Decommission Authority, will be held in Manchester on 1 November 2018. It was first launched in 2011. Its aim is to promote opportunities for SME suppliers.

(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, News Story, 27 June 2018, link)



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