Government Offers Rapid Transit Solutions the Chance to Push for Support

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Last week, the Department for Transport launched a call for evidence on how to better use and implement light rail and other rapid transit solutions in cities and towns.[1] The invitation presents rail and other transport providers with the opportunity to propose new schemes or solutions to senior officials directly.

Light rail and rapid transit can address multiple policy challenges

Traffic congestion, air pollution and ageing infrastructure are increasingly focussed on as issues that are constraining economic growth and harming health.[2] These problems are exacerbated by growing urbanisation.[3] Light transport systems can help tackle these issues by creating effective, cleaner, local transport systems appropriate for the changing demographic and socio-economic trends.

Government recognises this potential

Announcing the consultation, Minister of State for Transport, Jesse Norman MP said:

‘This is a great time to explore the incredible potential for light rail schemes across the country. Today’s wide-ranging call for evidence seeks new ideas and new support for the next generation of light rail, so that we make existing systems work better, and can work with cities and towns across the UK to create new ones.’[4]

The sector should seize the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits light rail and rapid transit can bring. With Government actively looking for suggestions, businesses should engage with stakeholders to secure support and encourage investment in their proposals.

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