Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly


Brevia Consulting has over 20 years of experience providing public affairs and public relations support in Northern Ireland to business and charities.

The Consultancy provides a full range of public relations and public affairs services including: political monitoring of the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, political intelligence, media monitoring, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement programmes, media relations, All Party Group secretariat services, and event management (such as in the Long Gallery). 

The Northern Ireland Assembly is the democratically elected, devolved legislature of Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Act 1998 formally established the Assembly and Executive in law, in accordance with the Good Friday Agreement. Located in the Stormont area of Northern Ireland’s capital city, Belfast, the Northern Ireland Assembly is often referred to as Stormont.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has the power to legislate in a wide range of areas and to appoint the Northern Ireland Executive. The Northern Ireland Executive, the administrative branch of the legislature, consists of the First Minister and deputy First Minister and various ministers with individual remits. The main assembly parties appoint most ministers in the Executive except for the Minister of Justice.

The policy areas in which the Assembly has the authority to legislate are known as “transferred matters”. The areas in which the Northern Ireland Executive can currently legislate include education, health, environment, economy, Infrastructure, and Justice.

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