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Brevia Consulting has over 20 years of experience providing public affairs and public relations support in Wales to business and charities.

The Consultancy provides a full range of public relations and public affairs services including: political monitoring of the Welsh Government and Parliament, political intelligence, media monitoring, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement programmes, media relations, Cross Party Group secretariat services, and event management (such as at Senedd building in Cardiff Bay). 

The role and powers of the Welsh Parliament, or Senedd Cymru, has grown over the years.  The Parliament, previously known as the National Assembly for Wales, acquired the executive functions of the former Welsh Office in 1998.

As originally established, the Welsh Government had no executive powers in law. The Welsh Government gained its first primary legislative powers in 2007 and, following a 2011 referendum, gained direct law-making powers which withheld requirements to consult with Westminster. These powers enabled the then Assembly to create laws in all 20 policy areas devolved to Wales.

The 20 areas in which the Welsh Government can currently legislate include education, health services, transport, local government, social welfare, planning, economic development, and the environment. The Wales Act 2014 devolved fiscal powers to the Welsh Parliament for the first time. Devolved fiscal responsibilities include setting the rate of stamp duty land tax, landfill tax, and Welsh rates of income tax.

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