Five Notable Developments in Nuclear this Week 13.04.18

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1. Lord Henley, The Lords lead on Beis issues, confirmed in a written answer that no formal meetings have yet taken place on the nature of the future relationship with Euratom but that the European Commission is aware that the UK’s objective is to achieve a close association with Euratom.

Lord Henley confirmed ‘the Government has ensured that the European Commission is aware of the Government’s January Ministerial Statement setting out the UK’s objective of close association on Euratom and what this would cover.’

(Lord Henley, Written Question HL6602, 9 April 2018, link)

2.  Stuart Andrew MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales, visited the Trawsfynydd Power station and said he ‘recognised that the nuclear expertise in North Wales has the potential to revolutionise the economy.’

Stuart Andrew MP also noted that ‘the landscape in North Wales lends itself perfectly to being a key player in the UK’s low-carbon energy future.’

(Stuart Andrew MP, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales, 11 April 2018, link)

3. The Welsh Assembly Cabinet Secretary for The Economy, Ken States AM, spoke about the cross border collaboration needed between North Wales and North West England to encourage the nuclear sector.

The Cabinet Secretary was speaking at the North Wales and Mersey Dee Energy and Clean Growth Summit in Runcorn.

(Ken Skates AM, Welsh Assembly, 12 April 2018, link)

4. Nuclear AMRC advertised the dates for two upcoming conferences: The Nuclear Asset Information, Monitoring and Maintenance Conference; and the Birchwood Nuclear Exhibition.

The Nuclear Asset Information, Monitoring and Maintenance Conference will be held from 3 – 4 July 2018 in Warrington. The Birchwood Nuclear Exhibition will be held on 26 September 2018 at Birchwood Park, North West England.

(Nuclear AMRC, News, 10 April 2018, link)

5. Sellafield LTD wants SMES to explore the potential for lighter than air inspection vehicles to provide remote surveying capability for the roof fixtures of Calder Hall Turbine Hall B.

Sellafield Ltd added guidance for lighter than air inspection vehicles to its LINC scheme which encourages SMEs to collaborate and deliver innovative solutions at Sellafield. Proposals must be submitted by 11 May 2018.

(Sellafield Ltd, Work Package 3 / 2018 – Lighter than air inspection vehicle, 13 April 2018, p.2, link)



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