Brevia Technology has considerable experience in the sector with specialist expertise in mobile communications.  We advise innovative start-ups through to global leaders in the sector. Our support    


Brevia Energy, a dedicated division of Brevia Consulting, has a longstanding reputation for its expertise and experience in the UK energy sector. We advise energy businesses of all sizes from innovative    


Brevia Health provides straightforward public affairs advice and support to companies operating in the highly regulated UK healthcare sector. We advise companies that range from global pharmaceutical companies    


Generating over £20 billion a year, the UK electronics industry is the European leader in independent electronics system design, forming 40% of the market. With an impressive international reputation,    

Aerospace and Defence

Generating over £20 billion a year in revenue and employing over 200,000 people, the UK has the largest aerospace industry in Europe and the second largest in the world, with a 17% share of    


Generating an annual turnover of over £50 billion, the chemicals industry is one of the UK's largest manufacturing sectors. Equivalent to 1.5% of GDP, it makes up approximately a quarter of the    

Household, Leisure, and Personal Goods

Though the industry is particularly vulnerable to economic downturns, turnover in the household goods and personal goods sector is over £70 billion. Recent developments which present opportunities    

Media and Creative Industries

With a growing sector employing around 2.3 million people and boasting over 180,000 creative businesses on the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR), the UK is a global leader in creativity and media.    


With exports worth over £9bn, the UK construction sector boasts an impressive global reputation for innovation and research, and has the second largest construction output in the EU. While British    

Engineering and Automotive

Engineering: The engineering sector is hugely important to the UK economy, making up almost one fifth (19.6%) of GDP. Boasting outstanding research facilities and supply chains, the industry generates    

Food and Beverages

As the fifth largest exporter and the fourth largest importer of food in the world, the UK food and beverages industry is a strong performer within the global market and has particularly strong links within    

Local Government

The Coalition Government aspires to a fundamental shift of power from Westminster to the people through promoting decentralisation and democratic engagement.  The Government proposes to end the era    


With one in ten of the workforce working in the industry, retail is the largest private sector employer in the UK and is recognised as one the world’s most competitive and cutting edge industries.    

Support Services

The UK‘s outsourcing industry is strong and highly respected, with over 580,000 people working in around 5,700 contact centres. Its excellent telecoms infrastructure and highly skilled and linguistically    

Professional Services

Brevia Professional, a dedicated division of Brevia Consulting, has successfully helped trade associations, charities, and professional bodies achieve policy change and regularly win industry awards.     


The UK is the world’s leading internet gateway, with the highest international bandwidth capacity and 36% of internet traffic routed through UK servers. A pioneer of digital communications, the UK    


The transport industry is essential to business growth and enterprise, with over 85% of businesses surveyed by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry citing it as one of the main reasons behind choosing    

Travel and Leisure

The tourism industry is fundamental to economic growth in the UK and employs just under 3 million people, making up 5% of the UK workforce. England alone represents over 80% of the total UK tourist value,