Date of the next UK general election?

The predominant question in UK politics currently is “when will the next general election be?”. A general election must take place by 28 January 2025. So, with a year left, speculation abounds on when voters will be asked to go to the polls. The eventual timing will have important implications for public affairs campaigns and organisations should be prepared.


What can we expect from the Autumn Statement?

On 22 November, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will deliver the Autumn Statement. The Autumn Statement will outline the Government’s policies on taxation, spending, borrowing and debt. The Autumn Statement forms an important part of No.10’s relaunch.


Health at the Party Conferences 2023: Key Questions and Answers

The UK’s political parties held their annual Party Conferences in September and October this year. They provided an opportunity to promote their policies and outline their respective political agendas ahead of the upcoming general election.


Labour Party Conference 2023 – Summary

With Labour looking closer to power than it has been since 2010, the Party was emboldened and Conference was busy. Below Brevia has summarised the key takeaways and policy developments from Labour Party Conference 2023.  


Conservative Party Conference 2023 – Summary

Conservative Party politicians, delegates and activists headed to Manchester for the Party’s annual conference. Below Brevia has summarised the key takeaways and policy developments.


Navigating the Evolving AI Regulatory Landscape  

The UK has emerged as a prominent player in AI, with a thriving market and a projected value of £803.7 billion by 2035. However, the rapid pace of AI development has raised questions about regulatory frameworks and the Government’s capacity to manage this innovation effectively.

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