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Brevia Consulting has over 20 years of experience providing public affairs and public relations support to business and charities in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

The Consultancy provides a full range of public relations and public affairs services including: political monitoring of the Scottish Government and Parliament, political intelligence, media monitoring, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement programmes, media relations, Cross Party Group secretariat services, and event management (such as in the Garden Lobby at Holyrood). 

The Scottish Parliament is the democratically elected, devolved legislature of Scotland. The Scottish Parliament was formed in 1998 following a referendum the year prior in which the Scottish electorate voted for devolution. Located in the Holyrood area of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, the Scottish Parliament is commonly referred to as Holyrood. The Scottish Parliament Building in Holyrood was formally opened in 2004 and has since become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The powers of the devolved legislature were specified upon devolution by the Scotland Act 1998. The Scottish Government has the power to legislate in all areas that are not explicitly reserved to Westminster in this act. The UK Parliament retains the ability to extend or reduce the areas in which the Scottish Parliament can make laws. 

The legislative powers of the Scottish Parliament have been amended multiple times since 1998. The Scotland Act 2012 and Scotland Act 2016 expanded the Parliament’s powers significantly, especially over taxation and welfare. The areas in which the Scottish Government can currently legislate include education, health, environment, economic development, and many aspects of transport policy.

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